WordPress Plugins for 2013

Last year I wrote about my recommended WordPress plugins for 2012. Well, we’re now 5 months into 2013 and I think its about time to look what I believe are the best WordPress plugins of 2013. These recommendations are plugins I would consider must-haves on your WordPress website, providing important functionality WordPress just doesn’t give […]

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Markdown in WordPress

After recently talking about using WordPress’ distraction free editor I got thinking about using Markdown to write posts in WordPress, and how it can speed-up and ease writing content. Markdown is a very popular text-to-html formatting syntax developed by John Gruber. It is a way for web writers to quickly write content in plain text, without […]

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WordPress Plugins for 2012

Since putting Proudly Powered online just yesterday, I have had to go through the usual steps of installing recommended WordPress plugins to enhance the website. As of course this is a WordPress powered website being built-in 2012, I thought I’d take this opportunity to create a quick run down of recommended WordPress plugins to be […]

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